Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Icing on the cake

Our Belle's activity last night was cup cake decorating and what fun we had! I am simply astounded by the many gadgets and gizmos that are available it feels like child's play! 

It was lovely to have an excuse to bake cup cakes, I miss my children being young as we often baked cakes together. These came out quite well although their peaks might just have to be cut off. 

Oh my, this takes me back to my days of making birthday cakes for my children, I once made a lot of Pokemon creatures for my son's tenth birthday. 

I was not sure about the colours that were available from the store so I chose smaller quantities and then mixed in my own colour. It was supposed to be vintage - so I chose pale green, pale blue and pink. It was such great fun and I had not even arrived at the meeting! 

I can also give you a little glimpse of my vintage china I picked up at a local sale this weekend. This is a little corner of a beautiful art Deco plate. 

I could not resist the beautiful design - it reminds me of the embroidery patterns that were abundant in the 1930's - and I like to dream about having a cottage garden one day! 

I had such fun making the circle of little flowers - less is more is not a philosophy I ascribe to more of the 'how can I fill the space with as much as possible' 

The pink icing was used with a stencil rolling pin - I love the raised daisy design.  

The green and white Gerbera  was a mould I have had for a long time but I had not really played with it much. It is so effective - I like the combination of the white and green. 

The blue plate is a small cake plate my son gave me for mothers day years ago. 

The quilted design was from a press, it was amazingly easy! 
I had the little button makers - I cannot resist adding a sewing theme to my baking! 

The lady running the event had some gorgeous little cutters, these little hearts are tiny! 

The butterfly moulds were also easy to use, and I lightly dusted this one with edible glitter to highlight the delicate design. 

I found this sandwich plate in a vintage shop recently, it matches my rosebud tea set!

Someone's birthday is coming up soon, just the perfect excuse for more fun.

Can't let all that effort go to waste! 

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