Saturday, 26 July 2014

Happy Birthday Mr D

Felicitations on this glorious hot July day, it is my beloved Mr D's birthday

The cup cake making the other week put me in the mood for a spot more cake decorating, and despite the soaring heat (for the UK at least) I put the oven on and made a cake.  My kitchen is not the biggest, in fact I could not hold a party because it is too crowded if more than one person is in there at a time.. so you can imagine with the cooker belting out I was not in need of a turkish bath that day! 

In case you were wondering if good taste had finally left me altogether, the colour is Mr D's favourite football team... as much as I love pastels, it was his cake after all and he is not really a pastel shades kind of a guy. Partick Thistle makes his heart leap so it made sense to make a heart shaped cake in Patick thistle colours.... He knew something was up when he spotted the icing in the shopping trolley last week - but his acting skills are improving since he managed to look both surprised and delighted at the somewhat bumpy cake! 

Of course all was revealed when he cut a slice out poured his favourite sweets, (good taste has well and truly abandoned me - liquorish, cake and interesting combination!). 

One thing about us English is that our weather is so changeable we don our sun hats as soon as the sun breaks through the twenties... beaches are crowded and picnics abound

so we headed to the beach nearby for picnic and what a picnic! 
Mr D made prawn noodles, cherry tomato tarts and a fruit jelly made with raspberries and pink champagne - delicious! 

The view behind us was gorgeous, you can just make out the South Downs

the beach is not as developed so it is easy to find a quiet peaceful spot

the sea is warm! something rare in these shores!

Happy Birthday Mr D

Enjoy your weekend, ttfn..x

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