Me and Fred

I am a creative I find inspiration everywhere and enjoy making: sometimes it is artistic like a painting, sometimes it is edible like a cake or a jar of jam or I might sew a dress or crochet a flower or knit a jumper.  

I love going for walks with Fred, he came from the Staffie Rescue Centre 
after his previous owner went into a hospice. 

When he arrived he was pining for his owner so much that his ribs and spine were showing, and his fur was rubbed away in many areas. 

Two years later he is glossy and healthy, he loves playing fetch and he is great fun. 

I love dressing up, wearing clothes that make me feel good, not just because of the way they look but because of the way they flow or how soft they are. I am inspired by the clothing of the past, mostly because I resonate with how clothing was more feminine and designed to accentuate the female form.
I love to wear clothes that are beautifully made, fit perfectly and express who I am. That is what sewing does for me and it is a opportunity for everyone who threads a needle. 

 I wear hats and enjoy wearing flowers in my hair, I like dressing the part, I will one day be dressed like a latin tango dancer and the next a fifties housewife. 

I believe life is an adventure to be enjoyed and there is pleasure in everything sometimes you have to look harder than others, but they are always there. 

Love, Fred and me xx


  1. Hey Susanna, I just stumbled across your lovely page! Hope you are well, we've not bumped into each other along the prom in a while! I hope to go to the next Felpham Belles meeting so maybe I'll see you there. Take care, Lisa x


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