Thursday, 27 June 2013

The vintage pattern selector - book review

I saw this in a bookshop a few months ago, it has been on my wish list for a long time - finally arrived today. 

I love the way the patterns can be mixed up and used to create a style of your own. (not yet had time to try out the patterns) but the book itself has a brief outline of the various styles over the decades and patterns to match. 

I really struggle with patterns now, since learning to make my own dummy to work on it has been so much easier to adapt and make my own things - it is just a case of time to do it. 

For a while now I have been playing with french knickers, and I have to admit my first attempt were more bloomers than the sultry silky look I was aiming for so the french knicker pattern might be the one I start with. 

It is a great book, very clear instructions and the patterns are worth the cost of the book it contains 15 digital patterns all for the price of £11 - that is a bargain. Will add to the post when I have used the patterns and let you know how it all goes. 

Wednesday, 26 June 2013

A little indulgence

It has been a busy month one way or another, it is the run up to my daughter's wedding and we all went out on Saturday night dressed as fairies!

I am still amazed that my little girl is all grown up, having a home of her own and getting married! It is as if all those years bringing up my two children have passed in a blur.

After the frivolity of the hen night, it was wonderful to be whisked away to the cosy indulgence of the Baliffscourt hotel, for a little spa break, by my lovely new man S.

Looking like a manor house that goes back centuries, it is surprising to discover it was actually built in the 1920's using old re-claimed stone. It is a delightful place, full of quiet nooks and crannies, you never feel the proximity of other guests, it seems that you have the place to yourself.

Our room was beautifully decorated comfortable and cosy, we found the secret underground passageway to the main house a delight!.  The staff are very friendly and attentive to every need the food was exquisite, perfectly prepared and delicious. The grounds are beautifully kept, tennis courts and croquet as well as a lovely walk down to the beach - dogs are welcome.

The spa itself is heavenly, set apart in a lovely large barn, with swimming pool, sauna, steam room and hot tubs. There is a lounge area to get free tea and coffee and the treatments are a wonderful pampering experience, being massaged on a waterbed was incredibly relaxing. After just a couple of days I felt like I had been on holiday for a week.

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