Sunday, 14 August 2016

Sunday 14th August 2016

Saturday breakfast

 Somehow, Saturday morning breakfasts are the best of the week, not only time to make these little scotch pancakes (they are low GI and wholemeal!) but all the lovely promise of two days to enjoy.

We went on with our local to Glorious Goodwood Ladies Day, it was a beautiful morning - I think I enjoyed seeing the outfits more than the horses. This red dress really caught my eye - these sisters were enjoying pimms before the racing. Unfortunately, after an hour of sunshine the rain set in! At one point we could barely see the horses! I came home with the same money I left with - having only lost one bet! which was quite an achievement.


 My cucumber is really doing well - the fruits are enormous! We are investigating a couple of recipes for preservation - it would be nice to enjoy the freshness for as long as possible. My tomato plants are also giving a few ripe fruits - delicious and sweet. It has encouraged me to buy some winter cabbage and spinach seeds to see us through the winter. The veg box I bought a couple of weeks ago is still going strong - with a few fattening leeks among the seeding herbs.

We took a trip to Little Woodham in Gosport - it is a delightful little living history village - populated by re-enactors of the mid 16th Century. More on this visit soon.


 We are enjoying having the Aga - it is our only cooker - it's gentle heat is always welcome - despite the summer our kitchen remains pleasant. I decided to try a cooked cheesecake recipe - as the warming oven is perfect.

I find that if you cook the biscuit base with the cheesecake it comes out all soggy - so I made the cheesecake first then added the biscuits to the top.
  Cheese cake Aga

 It might look a little messy, but it takes delicious!
  Breakfast poached peaches

 Mr D made some poached peaches for breakfast on Sunday... enough to bring the sunshine for the rest of the week.

Little Sausage dog Pincushion

sewing items sausage dog pincushion
 Oh how I am missing the Great British Sewing Bee... Heather's lovely little sausage dog pincushion was always sitting next to her sewing machine. When I saw the patten in Love Sewing Magazine I decided to make one of my own Sausage dog pincushion 3  
 I had some lovely pink tweed left over from a project I made 6 years ago! As the pattern was for a door stop, I decided to decrease it a little. Everything is so much easier to hand sew - especially when you are working with tiny fiddly pieces like the head gusset and tiny ears. Sausage dog pincushion 8
 I decided to embellish him a little with some lazy daisies and fly stitches along his back. Sausage dog pin cushion 7
He is a very friendly chap!

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