Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Book Review - Gifted Mags Kandis

Welcome dear reader....I have a rather large collection of crafting books - some of them could be described as Vintage my oldest sewing book goes back to 1934! It is getting a bit of struggle these days to find really unique ideas - I notice many of the crafting books have the same projects but slightly revamped, so it was a real pleasure to pick up this book and find something new. 

This felted mouse rest is delightfully done - filled with wheat and heated gently will give relief to a tired wrist. I love the apple like quality to this project - so fresh. 

I have never come across this idea before, knitted bangles that it made me want to shrink a jumper straight away! I love bangles but after a little while of wearing them and getting the clack clack clack every time I move my arm, I usually remove them long before the day is out. Somehow I think these just might last a little longer... and they may well manage to be a gift for someone! 

I have a large willow pattern teapot that I use first thing in the morning, I bought about 25 years ago!  Mr D and I need lots of strong breakfast tea to get us going in the morning - it makes a good two mugfuls and several refills of my delicate edwardian tea cup.  Since it is larger than usual it does not benefit from a tea cosy. Seeing this gorgeous simple design has inspired me to take up my needles - of course with my own unique twist! Will show you the finished result when its made! 

This book is well worth buying if you can get hold of it, a great addition to a crafter's library.

ttfn... x 

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