Sunday, 27 April 2014

Truly scrumptious adventure

I went up to the Cotswolds for Easter, it gave me an opportunity to spend a little time on the garden, plant a few seeds but it was also a time for relaxation and rest. It has been a busy four months, there have been so many problems at work that had to be resolved, requiring persistent effort. Not only that there are times when I feel that my life is not my own and work seems to spill over. Going up to the cottage then, is a break away, there are no work messages bleeping at me, I find I can get away from everyone and simply relax - it is blissful and I find myself wondering why I don't do it more often. 

We spent a lovely Saturday wandering around Alcester, a pretty little town in Warwickshire (Shakespeare country!). We saw a whole gaggle of town criers as they were holding the National Town Crier championships! it was a sight to behold - the gentlemen in their red coats, tricorn hats and some of them had wigs - they looked as if they had just stepped out of the 17th Century. 

Just round the corner opposite the church we found this little gem - its called Truly scrumptious and I loved it so much I thought I would take some pictures to share with you. 

The counter looked really appetising with the pretty cakes in their glass domes.

Just to the left was a lovely snug area, all the books on the bookshelf are tea related, either fictional books set in tea shops or cake designs and such. 

This pretty little cake was sitting in an alcove. 

We were led to a charming tea room - pretty tablecloths and vintage china was laid out and there was lovely vintage music playing softly. We took a seat right by the window and had a view of the pretty garden - there were tables outside but it was a little chilly for that in April. 

Cakes abounded in lots of nooks and crannies - alongside quotations in pastel frames - all tea related. 

We opted for traditional English afternoon tea - not only enough to satisfy our hunger but we took a few cakes home as well. The scones were divine Mr D eats his in Cornwellian tradition, jam first and then cream, but I like the Devonian - cream first then jam. 

It is definitely worth a visit if you are in the area, or if you are getting married they do fabulous cakes
just follow this link

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