Thursday, 5 July 2012


I like re-framing, it is a challenge sometimes, especially today, I was in a foul mood because I had to go all the way to Portsmouth with my documentation to get the car taxed. I was mostly annoyed with myself because I had lost my paperwork, I had also not got organised enough to get the new address sorted, and now I was up against the clock to get it completed on time before the end of the month. Grumpy, impatient and frustrated, I drove towards Portsmouth. But then in comes re-framing, it is a way of changing the way you think, I was driving along on a Monday morning, the wind blowing through my hair because I had the roof down, and the sun was shining brightly.

I realised how lucky I am really, to have a car like this, and to be driving along with the money to pay for the tax and all the other things. My mood lifted and I started to enjoy my drive.

I also had a reframing session last week, I did not have to rush, I had taken another day's holiday and decided to take a leisurely bath. When I first took the flat I was a little disappointed that the bathroom did not have a window, the bathroom I had before had a lovely sunny window which made my little glass bottles sparkle. However, I lit a few candles and shut the door and the realisation hit me, that it was the perfect place to do meditation, because I could shut the door and be in the dark no matter what time of day.

So I no longer mourned the loss of a window in the bathroom, because not only do I have a mediation space, but it is one that I can use night or day.

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